Partners in Success: Total Business Care

We are committed to standing out among competitors by delivering tangible value - guarantee full cycle employment to your vehicles. Firstly we communicate with the drivers directly eliminating any possible troubles.
But most importantly, we secure maximum payload for your vehicles – we ensure that the trucks will operate at maximum capacity and ensure maximum economic benefit.

Our Commitment to Partnership

We believe in offering more than just transportation – we provide a 24/7 high-class expedition service. Our smart software system enables seamless real time communication with the drivers, providing them optimal or unique routing advice, solving unforeseen challenges on the way be it a road closure or technical assistance. We are also qualified and ready to provide the new hires extensive training to meet highest quality standards of vehicle loading and transportation.

Responsive Customer Support

Have a question or a concern? Our dedicated Transport team speaks English, French, Italian, German, Polish and russian. And we are just a call or an e-mail away. We respond promptly, offering solutions tailored to your needs and ensuring peace of mind throughout the transportation process.