Over the fifteen years on the road we at F&L LOGISTIC are proud that we have become a recognized European new automobile logistics specialist.

We handle and take care of new and exclusive vehicle distribution by trucks within Europe. The volume of activities has grown over the years, yet flexibility and responsibility remain the core principles of our services.

Moreover, we have strong long term partnerships with other fleet operators and consequently we cover an extensive logistics network:

  • we can promptly provide extra capacity,
  • we can drive to unique destinations;
  • we can load the trucks smartly – utilising maximum capacity and volume.

We adapt to the conditions, timing or different cultures we work with. We speak your language and work your hours - eliminating any chance of information delay.

Our smart software system enables seamless real time communication, cargo tracking and prompt reactions to any unforeseen circumstances on the road.

We are certain that there is always a way to solve any logistic problem: get a new destination, pick up a large cargo or a very special vehicle.

There is always a solution to any logistic problem: reroute, reload or reschedule.

We find the way.